Alcoli etossilati

Gli Alcoli etossilati grassi trovano uso come detergenti nei detersivi in polvere,


Polyethylenglycols (PEG)

Applicazioni: preparati farmaceutici e cosmetici, regolatore di viscosità, esterificazioni,



Le silici precipitate distribuite da Medivete Padana sono grado food/feed E551-E552-E554;


Production and trade of industrial chemicals products MEDIVETE PADANA S.r.l. started up on 1976. Company’s activity was dealing out of chemical products destined to cattle-breeding. On 1990 MEDIVETE PADANA changed from sas to srl and began the dealing out of

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Production for third parts On customers demand MEDIVETE PADANA s.r.l. can do the following operations: Liquid products: dissolvind, mixing, filtering and repacking. Solid products: powders mixtures milling operations (MP plants can mill materials with low melting point) sieving operations repacking

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